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2016 Summer Program

Gnomes are small earth dwellers that first appear in Renaissance writings. They have their own distinct culture, not to be confused with dwarves, brownies or leprechauns. Gnomes may have produced a less elaborate literature than some of the other little peoples, but they have architecture easily recognized by its inventive use of bark, pinecones, shells and twigs.

Construct a Gnome House and an extended family of Gnomes. Learn the resourcefulness of Gnomes (and others who construct Gnome Gardens around the world) in adapting tree parts, clay, and cast off containers to build and furnish your house. Master Gnome arts: carpentry, pottery and weaving. Learn Gnome stories, medicine( with particular plants) and music. Join the class in setting up a Gnome village that your parents can visit on Friday.

Your House will be prepared to withstand rain and snow so it could fit comfortably outside where Gnomes are most comfortable.

Note to Parents: this is the tradition of invention that inspired this class:

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