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The Peabody at 150

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2016 Summer Program

As a boy, O.C. Marsh befriended the geologist Ezekiel Jewett. Jewett taught Marsh to recognize the dinosaur bones that Marsh could unearth near his upstate NY home. Marsh grew up to be a famous paleontologist and to establish the Peabody Museum that celebrates its 150th birthday this year. Childhood curiosity can shape adult careers. Learn the stories of John James Audubon, Jane Goodall, and Jacques Cousteau.

Observe and draw birds each day as Audubon did. Then travel to the Peabody to see the huge original Audubon paintings. Learn the story of the stuffed toy chimp that sparked the curiosity that guided Jane Goodall's life. Then sew and stuff your own lifetime companion. Build a model of Cousteau's Calypso that stretched his childhood explorations around and under the earth's oceans. Then document the objects of your curiosity that may fortell your future fame.

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