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2016 Summer Program

Crash test dummies have evolved over the last 60 years to help measure automobile safety. Our MicroDummies have evolved over the last 16 years to test everything else.

Testing is an essential human pursuit. this year: consider ritual and cultural tests – feats of strength and daring that measure courage, devotion (and perhaps recklessness) around the world.

Construct Dummies and the appropriate equipment and costumes to tour the world of extreme tests, Leaping from a 20' pole (Voladores – the dance of the flyers – from Mexico, Land Diving from Venatu, Cliff Diving from Northern Spain or Bull Festivals: build a battery-powered bull – then construct devices to help your Dummy leap the Bull (Crete), run with the bulls (Pamplona) and ride the bull (Texas.)

We will celebrate these customa with festivity and respect and still ask, "What were they thinking?"

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