The Lost Ships of Jakku

Eli Whitney Museum

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2016 Summer Program

The Force Awakened in Jakku in the Western Reaches of the Empire. The desert planet is a junkyard of ships downed in Imperial Battles, most prominently Cienna Ree's Star Destroyer. Enter Rey, a brilliant scavenger and pilot comfortable around the abandoned X-Wings and shady characters that litter the Niima Outpost. She's ready for adventure.

Join the class in creating a 12 foot long Star Destroyer that will be the setting of this week-long adventure. Then construct Rey's Landspeeder. Construct the Tie Fighters and Transport that will bring Storm Troopers. Build X-Wings and a Millenium Falcon. construct your own ship of scavenged parts. Master the art of safely launching rockets. On Friday, help stage a 50 rocket overture to this first act of a new saga.

Rocket Engines and batteries included.

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