Arvind Gupta's Science Adventures

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2016 Summer Program

Arvind Gupta is a science educator in India. As a young teacher, he realized that play prepares the mind for science if the right tools and toys are available. He knew that many children have little to experiment with. He dedicated his life to inventing simple toys to capture big ideas. He has inspired followers who have added to his remarkable designs. We too admire and follow his designs.

Warm up each day mastering a new String Figure...the ultimate low cost geometry lesson. Spend each morning on a major project: an elaborate marble machine, a magnet magic show(a compilation of 3 Gupta projects), a theater of lights that produces shadows in color, a fountain that lifts and squirts water. After lunch join a small group to work out one (sometimes two) small demonstrations or experiments. Start with a Gupta challenge and video, the suggested parts , an Apprentice helper, a few team partners and time to work. Make it work. Or figure out: why not?

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