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2018 Summer Program

What is photography if not capturing a moment in time? We keep on 'doing' but that one moment embedded in our photo stays in that state forever. But it's the photographer who gets to choose the moment…and the technique.

We will begin on Monday with an introduction to the five concepts of photography and then get acclimated to our digital cameras by shooting photos around the Workshop and in the adjacent park. That afternoon an introduction to photo editing with Pixlr Express will allow students to choose images from the morning's 'shoot.'

In the 1930's, MIT professor Harold Edgerton invented the strobe flash and captured amazing photos of moments that had never before been seen with the naked eye. We will use an arduino to aid us with some high speed photography techniques and learn more about the camera and how adjusting it's shutter speed can allow us to 'paint' with light.

Finally some experimenting with photo transfer onto a piece of wood as the printing medium offers a whole other dimension to capturing time on a 3 dimensional object.

This is a 4 day class: Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday. Wed, July 4th the Workshop will be closed.

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