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2018 Summer Program

How do we share tools, materials, time and ideas so that people working together accomplish more than the would working alone? (This applies to people working on their own projects or on team projects) That question has organized this week.

Focus on a classic challenge each day. (We have drawn inspiration from some of the most creative workshops in the world.) Start with common materials that you can master and assemble in an hour. and then find your own way with as much or a little support as you like.

The Marble: Assemble an elevator inspired by the Japanese artist Naoki Harada. Individual challenge: create a battery driven continuous loop. Group Challenge: link your machine to create a group network.

The Drawing Machine: Assemble a new double arm drawing machine that more than doubles the intricacy of the geometry you can create. Individual Challenge: unique figures. Group Challenge: shared algorithms.

Robot Sumo: From Woodie Flowers’ robotics contests at MIT. A 2- motor, agile platform. Individual Challenge: control the ring. Group Challenge: Sumo soccer.

The Motor: our all new flexible motor box inspired by the classic A.C. Gilbert motors. Group Challenge: a motorized orchestra. Individual Challenge: moving art after Arthur Ganson.

The 5th Challenge: to be determined by the group.

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