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2018 Summer Program

What planet are you from? The map of planets is complicated. The Star Trek Fleet often returns to Earth. The ships of Star Wars dwell in a galaxy far, far away. And Superman is from Krypton? Andromeda Galaxy? Starships are common in science epics and less common in engineering labs governed by the laws of physics. Stars are very far away. Does that mean that visitors from other galaxies are more creative than we are?

What will extraterrestrials and their ships look like? We've got the rockets. Bring your imagination. Start with the inspiration of others: build and launch a Millennium Falcon, or a Romulan Bird of Prey, or Peter Quill’s Milano. Then invent your own alien and create a Starship to transport him (her?, it?) Create the architecture of your home planet, the food, the cute original beasts. An exercise in systems design: life support systems must be very different for creatures who breathe hydrogen…or don't breathe at all. Move your ship with rockets.

Estes rocket engines included.

Note: This is a four day week. The Workshop will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.

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