MAKE: The Neil Downie Edition

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2018 Summer Program

Maker Spaces collect and share tools and techniques. The challenge: what to do with them? is yours.
The challenges this week are drawn largely from the Saturday Science books of Neil Downie, an English
scientist and inventor with a gift for demonstrating the wonder in how things work.

Morning Projects:

3D Printing: work in On Design, solve new design challenges
Electronics: construct a basic amplifier, test Downie’s unusual amplifiers.
Making Waves: construct a RotoRope to generate elegant waves in strings. Capture in slow motion.
Balistics: construct a Rotopult to launch cork disks 40’ or paper airplanes.
Vibrations: join the search for the ultimate Vibrobot.

Afternoon experiments:

Select from 10 different challenges each day. Generally stuff that’s too big, too messy or too difficult to take home, but great fun to master.

With the permission of the author.

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