Dominoes: Games and Gambols

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2018 Summer Program

There is so much to know about Dominoes. Their games of math and strategy have deep roots in many cultures. In the Middle Ages, dominoes traveled from China to Europe with returning missionaries. Children love dominoes, but so do adults and even gamblers.

Dominoes also have fortunate dimensions that want to be set into chain reactions: quick and simple...or insanely complicated.

Our CNC robot will prepare a classic set of dominoes for you to sand, decorate,and master. Play games from around the world. Then line them up and knock them over. Start simply.

Then construct a playground for your dominoes: a seesaw, a swing, a stair for them to climb, a bridge for them to cross. Construct a few artful dominoes: with Chinese characters, in shapes that the Inuit favored, with magnets, in elegant hardwood. Finally, construct a carrier and learn to put everything away – every time.

We will not set world records. We will have a world of fun.

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