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2018 Summer Program

David Attenborough is a world treasure. The English naturalist and documentarian began his career at the BBC before televisions were common in most households. He became a singular producer and narrator of nature documentaries, adopting and leading technical change. Blue Planet II will premiere in this country this January 20th. It celebrates our oceans and Attenborough's art.

Attenborough began his nature studies when he was 7 collecting, rocks and fossils. At 11, he hunted and supplied a nearby university with newts (threepence each). The lesson: start your explorations now.

Immerse yourself in the Blue Planet. Encounter unimaginable creatures and beauty. Each day build a tiny habitat to understand the vast forms and colors and ecosystems that the Blue Planet's cameras follow. Recreate the creatures' movements, their habitats, their luminescence. Build an underwater viewer to explore the Mill River that
connects our site to the world's oceans.

Then join the class in chalking a full scale mural on the west wall of the Museum: from the 90ft (the length of the building) Blue Whale to the 1/2" long Marshall Island Goby. Contribute to a 20 foot scale model to map the depth of the Blue Planet's explorations. (You'll need a magnifying glass to see yourself.)

Anna Marshall, from Save the Sound, will visit to help us understand how the care of the Mill River watershed matters – that every drop in the oceans matters.

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