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2018 Summer Program

Start with empty brown paper bags. Transform them with creativity.

Cut a bag. Fold it. Add scraps. It’s not a bag. It’s not a mask. Refold another bag. String it. Add a tail. It’s not a bag. It’s a kite to fly. Cut another bag into strips. Weave them. It’s not a bag. It’s a gift basket. Wet the paper of another bag. Sculpt it. It’s not a bag. It’s a flower. Share a bag of bags with the class. Cut doors and windows. Add steeples and columns. They are not bags. They are a village. Cut and paint on a big bag. It’s not a bag. It’s a costume ready for a play.

Find your own bag. Cut it, crimp it, staple and stick it. It not a bag. It’s a..... (you will have to work that out).

Adapted from Antoinette Poris’ It’s Not a Box ©2007: a strategy for inventing anything from a box (or bag) and imagination.

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