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2018 Summer Program

Digital games are fun, but their inner workings are invisible. Not so long ago, games were simpler, still fun, but good teachers of basic electric circuits. Build safe, simple circuits for the fun of it.

Begin with a 3D maze. The object: trace the path of a copper wire without touching it. When you slip, a motor will ring a bell to announce: Start over. Construct two dancing robots and a stage for them to share. The object: last robot standing. Construct an Air Boat to race in our Water Lab: The object: run straight and fast. Construct a tribute to the classic Operation game. The object: save your patient. Construct a Rotopult and simple targets for its harmless cork discs. The object: your choice.

Each day with include simple games for you to experience electricity with all your senses. End the week with a lively Arcade to share your work.

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