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2018 Summer Program

The Pirate Code was a group of rules that all pirates had to follow aboard a ship. This was how things 'worked' and kept order among a group of possibly unruly pirates. Everyone had to sign it and live by it. Sounds like a good plan no?

Join Captain Christi Sargent and her Apprentice crew to set off for adventures. First, you need a ship of course, so you will build a beauty of a pirate ship to carry your small crew members, who of course will have to sign a (teeny tiny) code of conduct.

Make a dancing pirate and a treasure map. And build a treasure chest for you to store the booty you discover when you take part in the Treasure Hunt set up by the Apprentices.

Make your Pirate outfit – right down to the parrot on your shoulder – to wear when you set sails on Friday in a specially built lagoon. Invite your families to see you off on Friday afternoon.

And no aargh-uing among yourself Mateys...(one of major the rules of the code!)

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