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2018 Summer Program

Elephants are nature’s masterpiece. They are the largest and the smartest of the land animals. They have used their strength
to serve communities. They have been honored in legends and worshiped in religions. And now their shrinking habitats are endangering their future. The Elephant Parade is an art movement that began in Holland 10 years ago. Artists decorate large model elephants to call attention to the plight of the elephants and to raise funds to improve their lot.

Construct and decorate small model elephants to understand and preserve elephant culture and our culture. Construct a mother elephant and her calf to celebrate their close family bond and community. Construct an elephant who (like Babar) can do yoga to see how far we stretch elephants in our stories. Create a tiny Horton or a Horace or a Heffalump to discover how many elephant stories you know. Create a royal elephant to carry an Indian prince or princess in a procession. Play games that elephants play. Paint as elephants paint. Get to know heroic people who are rescuing elephants around the world. On Friday, parade your elephants to contribute to that work.

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