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Sandbox Architecture

Little Big Machines


2018 Summer Program

Construction machines make the work of hands big and powerful. Little Big Machines shrink the work of hands to sandbox size.

Build your own fleet of Little Big Machines: an Excavator to dig, a Truck to carry, a Crane to lift, a Roller to flatten. Construct girders and beams to install.

With the class, excavate a marble canal, a highway, a railroad road bed and constructions of your own design.

Make a carrying tray that will become your take-home construction site. Get to know Shape it Sand, a remarkable modelling sand, made available to us by the folks at Relevant Play. Mold it, stamp it, carve it. Your constructions will keep remarkable detail until you mix it up to start a new projects. The Shape it Sand is nearly mess-less and can be used indoors.

Hardhat included.

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