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Eli Whitney Museum

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2017 Summer Program

*Note: Tuesday July 4 we will be closed for the Holiday. Class will be Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri.

You know more Computer Science than you think you know. This week; learn what Computer Science is and how to learn it. We assume you know how to use a computer and the basics: security. finding, sharing, cleaning, networking, etc. We will review them with fun quick challenges. We will play with simple languages: Scratch, Alice, Gamestar Mechanic, etc. Then we will take on Linix. We will help you understand how to how to explore on your own and where and when to get help.

Each afternoon, friendly devices will help: Arduino Robots, Make-Makey’s, Spheros. The more you can control;the more you know. The more you know; the more you can control.

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