Sculpting Wood II

Eli Whitney Museum

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2017 Summer Program

The artist Sylvie Rosenthal creates, among other things, elegant furniture and improbable animals in wood. Her work resides in galleries and private collections around the world. Not so long ago, she was an 8 year-old prodigy in our Workshop. Occasionally, her current work (a bird with a crank, for example) seems the perfection of a project she began here.

For this workshop, Sylvie has devised an all- new series of if-I-knew-then projects:her techniques adjusted for young hands. Learn new woods: maple, hickory and oak. Learn new tools for cutting, shaping and smoothing wood. Learn new finishes to stain, dye, and polish your work. Express your ideas guided by new influences: rustic marionettes, and bandsaw boxes from Sylvie’s studio, a Milking Stool in the Shaker, tradition, abstract animals-on-wheels in the European Modern style traditions. -

Thanks for fine hardwood to Tim Spratlin, Woodworker.

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