Conquest of the Death Star

Eli Whitney Museum

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2017 Summer Program

*Note: Tuesday July 4 we will be closed for the Holiday. Class will be Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Death Stars have been the villainous super weapons that tie the chapters of the Star War Saga together. Facts vary: Diameter:100 to 500 miles? Crew: 1 to 2 million. Robots: 410,000. Cost: The Obama White House declared the platform far too costly for a planet killer that a single X-Wing might destroy. The Plans: Did Rogue One make that story clear?

Enter the universe of Retcon (Retroactive Continuity) – filling in the story that makes a saga work. Add to the story of the DS-1 Platform. Construct the characters that contrived to dominate the galaxy. Construct (and join)the Resistance heroes that conspired to sabotage their evil. Join the class in constructing a 12 foot diameter Death Star model that will dominate our intergalactic game of chess. Build and launch U Wings, Tie Strikers, and T65C - A2 X-Wings (and ships of your design) that are the Pawns, Knight and Rooks of this contest. Add your chapter.

Rocket Engines and Batteries included.

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