Art of the Motor

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2017 Summer Program

100 years ago, New Haven’s A.C. Gilbert introduced small electric motors to young experimenters. Motors became the heart that animated Erector Set constructions. Large electric motors had begun to power elevators, trolleys and factories. Gilbert’s small motors inspired a whole new domain of invention. Artists like Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp. Charles & Ray Eames also incorporated this new technology into their work. New tools beget new art.

Experiment with the engineering and art of motors. Learn to control their speed, power and direction. Learn to shape and apply their movements. Sculpt a machine that tricks the eye, inspired by Marcel Duchamp (b.1887). Contribute to an installation that shapes space with sound inspired by Zimoun(b.1977). Construct a solar powered Do Nothing Machine (after Charles & Ray Eames (b.1907/12). Play with the wit of Alexander Calder (b.1898) and Arthur Ganson (b.1955). Then construct something that moves your imagination.

Includes motors and batteries.

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