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2017 Summer Program

The first farmers had only their muscles to turn soil, plant seeds, hoe and harvest their crops. They could produce little more than their family required. When farmers harnessed the power of oxen, buffaloes, mules, and horses to work in fields crops multiplied and civilizations prospered. One hundred years ago, Henry Ford introduced the gasoline powered tractor. The John Deere Company had already built plows for 80 years. In 1917, it turned to the the mechanical horse, the modern tractor. A new revolution grew.

Construct a micro John Deere tractor, and the tools with which it turns soil. plants crops, harvests and stores them to feed animals and people. Construct the Barn that is the tractor’s home. Visit the Hindinger Farm in Hamden to learn why local farms are important.

Your grandfather or grandmother may have boated: when I was your age, I drove a tractor for the harvest. And now, so will you.

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