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We DO NOT need medical forms for Vacation Programs.

Fee per day: $65 ($60 for members)

Before and after care (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) is available at $8 per hour.

Martin Luther King Day 2017

A Quilt in 9 Squares

A Quilt in 9 Squares thumbnail

We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Martin Luther King Day 2018

Play for Peace – MLK Day 2018

Play for Peace – MLK Day 2018 thumbnail

When we learn to play together, we will know how to live together.

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Wednesday, Dec 23rd

Simple Gifts

Ages 6 – 12
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A workshop of gift making. Choose two of these projects to make: Gifts for the Holidays, the Solstice, for any occasion you choose, or for yourself.

A Classic Bird Feeder with Seed, Polymer Clay Ornaments or Jewelry, a Lighthouse with LED illumination for the dark nights of Winter, and other surprises we wouldn't want to tell.

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Monday, Dec 28th

Learning Sparks

Ages 9 – 12
Learning Sparks thumbnail

Eli Whitney was born 250 years ago. That year, a Swede, Johan Carl Wilcke, invented the Electrophorous, a simple device for collecting static charges. Scientists in Europe and America (Benjamin Franklin) were constructing new ways to explore electricity at work.

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Monday December 28th

Learn to Code with Star Wars

Ages 10 and up
Learn to Code with Star Wars thumbnail

How does computer technology work, and how do robots perform complex tasks successfully? All of these things are done using code as a tool.

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Tuesday, Dec 29th

Top 10 Book: The Whisper

Ages 6 – 8
Top 10 Book: The Whisper thumbnail

Connecticut artist and author Pamela Zagarenski's newest book offers a secret of her craft: Some stories do not begin with words. Zagarenski has created beautiful pictures that inspire stories.

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Tuesday, Dec 29th

Mechanical Poetry

Ages 9 – 12
Mechanical Poetry thumbnail

One of our best projects of the year found a new way to organize the 'alphabet' of mechanical movement – movements that, like letters, can be combined in infinite original combinations.

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Jan/Feb 2016

Game Development with Stencyl

Ages 11 and up
Game Development with Stencyl thumbnail

Using the powerful game design program Stencyl, learn how to create completely customizable games.

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