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Sand, assemble and decorate the wheels, axles, chassis and driver of a wooden downhill racer. Then experiment. Measure the distance it travels from the end of its track. Change the pitch of the track and measure again. Change the weight of the car and measure again. An intro to numbers as the voice of science.

Tracks and measuring tools provided for each class. Special thanks: Anderson Tool, Lynn Ladder.

Meets Connecticut Science Standards

  • 1.4: The properties of materials and organisms can be described more accurately through the use of standard measuring units.

Meets Next Generation Science Standards

  • K-PS2: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions K-PS2-1 Plan & conduct investigation to compare effects of different strengths or directions of pushes and pulls on motion of an object. K-PS2-2 Analyze data to determine if design solution works to change speed or direction of object with push or pull. PS2.A Forces and Motion PS2.B Types of Interactions PS3.C Relationship Between Energy and Forces
Download Measure Mobile Worksheet.pdf (pdf, 29.6kb)

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