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For the sixth year, this Thanksgiving, you can help support EWM scholarships for the children of IRIS with a menu of breads and sweets.

The Whitney Workshop will sell classic breads and sweets crafted by Whole G, New Haven's remarkable, artisan bakery and pastries by G Cafe.

Net proceeds will fund Eli Whitney Museum scholarships for the children of IRIS (, a New Haven organization that supports refugee and immigrant families. Because, at Thanksgiving, and especially now more than ever, we remember to welcome new neighbors to our tables.

Six Breads, Pastry Assortment, amazing French Tarts , a Flourless German Chocolate Cake, Mini Tea Cakes, Lemon Madelaine Cookies (w/o nuts), a Mini Stöllen and a cookie assortment.

  • Fill out an Order Form (pdf) and return it by 5pm 11/17 via email or fax or drop off.
  • Pick up your bread(s)and sweets at the Museum on November 22nd from 9am to 6pm.
  • Any questions, please call 203.777.1833.
  • Pick up time is below: one (long) day only.

Pick up Wednesday, November 22 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Fig Bread (Feigenbrot), $7

Pain Au Levain (Sourdough), $4.50

Fitness (Multigrain), $5

Berliner Loaf, $4.50

Walnut Pepper $5

Bauernbrot $5

$20 – 10 pieces assorted.




7 " tart – $24; serves 8
9" flourless chocolate cake – $44 , serves 12

Pear Almond Tart, 7"

Linzer Torte (Austrian tart with hazelnut and raspberry jam), 7"

Cranberry Orange Tart, 7"

Flourless German Chocolate Cake, 9"

Madeline Cookies (Lemon),
12 cookies @ $10 (without nuts.)

$6 each

Mini Tea Cakes (Pumpkin, Chocolate Banana.)

$7 each

Mini Stöllen

6 cookies $6
Cookie Assortment (Chocolate Chunk, Flourless, Cluster)

Just fill out an Order Form (pdf) and return it by 5pm on 11/18 via email, fax or drop off!

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